Roadside Assist

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CLC Roadside Assist is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout South Africa. During severe weather conditions, civil disturbance or national emergencies, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend service to clients who are in a place of safety.

Roadside Assist is provided for both personal lines and commercial policies.

All services are available 24/7 365 days a year.

The below is a summary of our standard products however products can be tailor made to suit the clients requirements.

Service Providers

  • Independent contractors on CLC’s panel. (UTASA and SATRA)
  • Alternatively, our clients specific service providers, if requested.  


  • Annual limit of R3000.00.


  • Accident Tow
    The Company will tow the vehicle to the nearest repairer with a maximum indemnity of R1500 per incident.
    (Excludes Stolen and Recovered Tows, Stolen Tyres, Break In Tows)

  • Mechanical Breakdown Towing
    The Company will tow the vehicle to the nearest place of repair within an approximate radius of 40km. In the event that the vehicle cannot be repaired within 12 hours, or If the client is more than 100km away from home or their destination we will provide either:

    -  Car hire to the value of R500.00 for 24 hours.


    -  Accommodation to the value of R500.00
    -  And an additional R500.00 to repatriate your vehicle, if this was left behind.  

Roadside Assist

Assistance is provided and case managed during this process. The costs for the service provider to assist are covered however no replacement tyres, batteries, repair costs, fuel is covered.

  • Flat Battery
    The Company will call out a Service Provider to attempt to jumpstart the vehicle, but will advise the client that a jumpstart can damage the electronics to certain vehicles. Preferred option would be to tow the vehicle to an repairer.

  • Flat Tyre
    The company will call out a Service Provider to fit a spare tyre. Should more than one tyre be flat, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repairer.

  • Run out of Fuel
    The Company will arrange for approximately 20 litres of fuel to be delivered to the client, to a maximum of 3 times per year.

  • Locksmiths
    The Company will call out a service provider to assist to a maximum of 1 hour’s labour.
    (This does not cover the cost of key replacements)

Additional Benefits

We will arrange a taxi, or other means of transport for the client or passengers of the vehicle.
Cost will be for the clients account.

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