HIV Prevention

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The possibility of you or a family member coming into contact with HIV/AIDS is not limited to sexual intercourse. It may be contracted through various means such as trauma, blood transfusion, rape or accidents to name but a few. The first 48 hours are critical.

Should you receive the correct treatment and medication within this period your risk of contracting the virus decreases significantly.

The HIV Prevention Program is a product that ensures that each member within a group has a first port of call.

Should you, a member of your immediate family, or an employee be exposed to HIV, we offer you the following benefits:

  • A 24 hour call centre staffed by HIV specialist medical practitioners.
  • Access to details of the nearest medical facility where treatment can be administered.
  • Unlimited telephonic counselling 24 hours a day, 7days a week.
  • Two consultations with qualified personnel.


  • The first, to ascertain the patient's HIV status at the time of exposure.
  • The second, to ensure that the patient has not seroconverted to becoming HIV positive.


  • Prophylactic starter pack – 3 day course
  • Antiretroviral therapy – 28 day course

Preventative treatment for other sexually transmitted infections. If required, emergency contraceptive (to prevent pregnancy).

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