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Customer Loyalty Consultants was founded in 1998 by Karla Hunt to provide consulting services on customer loyalty programmes for many diverse market segments including medical aid, motor and insurance.

Having gained vast experience in the customer loyalty industry, CLC subsequently started brokering value added products within the short term industry. We believe that simply offering the standard roadside or household value added product will not create a competitive advantage. We have, therefore, created products that not only make our clients' lives easier by enhancing the core insurance offering but which also add value to the end user through additional benefits and services included with the value added product.

In 2006, CLC established its own 24/7 Contact Centre in order to achieve and maintain excellent service levels by providing greater flexibility to our clients. Our 24 hour Contact Centre is equipped with the latest technology and is manned by well trained, dedicated and professional personnel.

CLC has flourished since its establishment in 1998 and is considered to be a leader in service delivery, innovative product development and in assisting Brokers/UMA's/Administrators and Underwriters to be more efficient.

The company now also addresses other areas of business, such as claims capturing, 3rd party claims / recoveries for brokers. We have developed a number of successful software systems for our clients that decrease overheads whilst increasing efficiencies. CLC also has an in-house design team that understands the client's needs and provides services ranging from basic designs to multi-faceted websites.

Today, Customer Loyalty Consultants services over 400 000 clients and is considered to be one of the most reputable financial service providers in the insurance industry. Below are some of our clients with whom we are proud to be doing business.

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